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Obesity and overweight?? THE VERDE: promotes antioxidant activity

DROPS OF LIFE – GREEN TEA is a dietary supplement, can be useful in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased need of its ingredients, especially green tea can promote antioxidant activity. AZIONI Antiossidante Invecchiamento cellulare Contrasta effetti del fumo Protegge da malattie cardiovascolari Cisti al seno Obesità e sovrappeso […]

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SLS-SLES. eye to’ Label!! What is Sodium Laureth Sulfate

    Il Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) e il Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) sono dei tensioattivi, ovvero delle sostanze che hanno il compito discioglierelo sporco grasso per facilitarne l’eliminazione attraverso il risciacquo. In tutti i detergenti (bubble bath, docciaschiuma, shampoo, saponi, etc) sono presenti dei tensioattivi, alcuni possono essere di origine vegetale, altri di […]

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We save by purchasing seasonal vegetables

Seasonal vegetables – biological calendar with the natural maturation periods of Vegetables Buy and consume vegetables and fruit in season means eating properly and above all healthy and natural. Today, thanks to modern techniques of cultivation and research, le primizie ed altri frutti fuori stagione si trovano nelle rivendite praticamente tutto l’anno. Consumare invece frutta e verdura […]

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absent or weak morning erection: natural remedies

First you need to figure out what it is and what are the causes of morning erection, however absent or weak. It could mean that, for reasons of age or physical health, your body is no longer fit as they once. The causes of absent morning erection can be of various kinds, tanti sono i fattori […]

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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS, to choose and why ?

The so-called anti-inflammatory drugs, i FANS ( non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs ) are many and choose the one best suited to our needs is a simple thing even if it must be the doctor to advise. These drugs treat inflammation of a different nature as joint pain, backache, fractures, distortions, borsite, temperature. However, between drugs […]


Anemia, What do you really know? simple and clear concepts for knowing how to help… red blood cells are cells in our blood, whose main function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to our tissues… when it reduces their number and therefore also the amount of hemoglobin is reduced, this is called anemia. Without […]


Chicken and mardorle: tasty salad with low calorie

Un’insalata gustosa da consumare tiepida o fredda. Ideale per una pausa pranzo completa e leggera, ottima per un pic-nic, magari abbinata ad una fetta di pane ai cereali. Ingrdienti per 4 people 400 g di petto di pollo 4 carrots 1 porro 75 g di mandorle spellate olio extra vergine q.b. sale e pepe q.b. […]

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Premesso che fare dieta è “equilibrio alimentare” e dover dimagrire attiene solo alla perdita di tessuto adiposo, la teoria secondo la quale saltare un pasto durante la giornata, fa bene all’organismo , è del tutto infondata e al contrario vi dimostro come sia deleteria questa pratica, per il benessere e l’equilibrio metabolico. Saltare i pasti […]

The word from the naturopath

Differences between herbal tea and a decoction

Very often you hear "do yourself a herbal tea", "Prepared an infusion or a decoction", but that difference passes between this type of preparations? Let's see how to juggle between the one and the other: The herbal tea is formed from a mixture of herbs in which there is present the basic remedy (who owns the active ingredient) and other […]

To prevent your nails sfaldino

To prevent your nails sfaldino, you can take a good natural remedy that, as well as strengthen them, the bleaching. Proceed as follows: rub half a lemon on your nails, then prepare a “as a priest” mixing together a little bit of warm water with bicarbonate. Rub this creamy sauce on the nails leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing. […]

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