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Herbal Medicine

Ginger: limita lo stimolo della fame…e non solo

Lo zenzero è un’erba drenante e depurativa. Accelera il metabolismo e soprattutto aumenta il senso di sazietà. Un consiglio? Preparate una tisana allo zenzero, da gustare la sera: è digestiva ed antisettica. Un vero toccasana.

Herbal Medicine

The eat fat: Garcinia cambogia

The properties of the acid hydroxycitric are many: for example, inhibits the production of fats from the liver, reduces appetite, increases metabolism and improves mood. These are the qualities that make a perfect food for weight loss Garcinia faster than diet and exercise alone. For more information contact

Psycho-physical wellbeing

Help!!! Red meat STOP

        According to recent studies, consumption of red meat creates several problems to health. The first main reason is that top the list, to eliminate or reduce red meat from your diet is linked to heart problems. The iron which is located inside of the meat (differente dal ferro che […]

Diet Herbal Medicine

Obesity and overweight?? THE VERDE: promotes antioxidant activity

DROPS OF LIFE – GREEN TEA is a dietary supplement, can be useful in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased need of its ingredients, especially green tea can promote antioxidant activity. AZIONI Antiossidante Invecchiamento cellulare Contrasta effetti del fumo Protegge da malattie cardiovascolari Cisti al seno Obesità e sovrappeso […]

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The word from the doctor


Several years ago , there existed the belief that the perfect breast , in measures, was what “He walked into a glass of champagne”. Now that the Woman presents a body thinner and thinner, i canoni ricercati di bellezza del seno orientano verso uno standard diverso . Secondo qualcuno, è stato creato un algoritmo per […]


  It is not hard to take care of your body and also of his brain, because the good features of this is dependent and influenced by the LIFESTYLE, like any other part of our body. If the causes are dependent on a disease, allora verranno prescritti farmaci adeguati, but , spesso trattandosi di fattori […]


Vegetarian carbonara with zucchini and asparagus

Ingredients (to 4 people) 400gr. of thick spaghetti (or pens, butterflies) 3 zucchine un mazzetto di asparagi 1 large onion cut thin media 3 eggs 200 gr. di parmigiano reggiano sale, pepe nero olio extravergine di oliva Preparazione Tagliare le zucchine a cubetti non troppo piccoli, lessate gli asparagi in acqua leggermente salata tenendoli […]

The nutritionist recommends

You can be always on a diet?

  Sindrome del peso fluttuante cos’è e quali le conseguenze sullo stato di salute Si può essere perennemente a dieta? È questa la domanda che spesso i pazienti si pongono fin dall’inizio del loro percorso dietoterapico. La risposta è “Assolutamente no”, non si può pensare di vivere una vita rinunciando a una pizza o a […]

The word from the naturopath

Coloring your hair naturally

There is little to be done, white hair eventually sprout at all. Many are the natural color systems to cover them without using chemical dyes. One of the most renowned is the henna. Henna is a natural product derived from Lawsonia inermis, a plant known since ancient times for its properties tintorie. Da […]

To prevent your nails sfaldino

To prevent your nails sfaldino, you can take a good natural remedy that, as well as strengthen them, the bleaching. Proceed as follows: rub half a lemon on your nails, then prepare a “as a priest” mixing together a little bit of warm water with bicarbonate. Rub this creamy sauce on the nails leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing. […]

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